The only link between the establishment and upcoming black talent

The only link between the establishment and upcoming black talent

Many progressive businesses have stated the intention to address the long standing under representation of Black Executives and managers of their business.

The traditional search agencies have been proved to be part of the problem, to part of the solution, consequently, this has represented a high opportunity that the ILN is perfectly positioned to capitalize on.

We have 20 first class and seasoned Black candidates who have experience of sitting on public company boards, this is an excellent start, but not enough. It is clear that there is room for a more radical approach than merely looking for people with existing experience to meet this demand. 

For far too many years the response to why there were not enough women on boards was (insultingly) they are not qualified enough and there is no strong pipeline of talent. This has been proven to be hurtfully wrong.

We are hearing precisely the same things when it comes to Black directors. Our network of 120 Black directors and executive talent is ready and available to disprove this again and again now.

With the convergence of the Black Lives Matter movement and the growing awareness about the power of diverse boards, many businesses have articulated that it is high time to establish more equal environments, especially for Black colleagues.

This just has to start at the top of the organisation. This will tangibly demonstrate that the business means what is says, and the appointment of Black board directors will encourage sustainable change within the business.

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