Meeting the demand
for Black Executives

Meeting the demand
for black executives

René Carayol

Instrumental in guiding and fostering the shift to a more inclusive business environment.

Over the last 15 years René Carayol has led the Inspired Leaders Network, which has attracted a wide range of ambitious and diverse professionals.

This community of talented professionals are strong candidates for many senior positions but never make the shortlist. We are here to change that.
René Carayol has worked with many leading blue chip organisations around the world, acquiring a reputation for being able to deliver strategies and cultural transformation in a straightforward and compelling manner. His specialist areas are Leadership, Culture and Inclusion. 
Given his background and experience as a seasoned executive and Britain’s first Black board director, we like to think that the guidance and counsel that we provide is much more in tune with the volatile and turbulent times that executive teams are having to navigate through today. 

The Inspired Leaders Network (ILN)

Attracting and fostering talent from all walks of life and at every stage of their careers

The Inspired Leaders Network (ILN) has always attracted and fostered talent from all walks of life and at every stage of their careers.

They have either joined because of the various mentoring schemes we have championed, or they have come for the senior executive coaching workshops we have run. The ILN and its live events, streamed events and content has been the glue that has kept them as active members over the years, with many moving from mentees to mentors over the years. ILN has always been a diverse and inclusive network that prides itself on having helped many exceed their career expectations.
René specialises in working with Chairmen, CEOs and Boards. He has many assignments to assist them in a number of varied roles and issues. He really does understand what it takes and what will and will not work in the board room of FTSE and multinational businesses. His reputation means we back his judgement and approach. He works closely with Sally Clark, who is currently a Non-Executive Director at both Metro Bank and Citi Group.

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